Last week I finally did something that has been on my mind for a while, starting a Polish youtube channel!

As you know, I come from Poland and Polish is my mother tongue, and since I lived outside of Poland for more than half of my life now, sometimes I actually don’t get to speak Polish that often, and usually I just speak Polish with the same people (my mom and my cats). So there is just something nice about being able to speak Polish and, in a way, connect with Poland a little bit more through my videos.

My first vlog in Polish is just me hanging out in Copenhagen, going to school and having dinner with my colleagues in Kødbyen (meatpacking district of Copenhagen) and explaining how I randomly decided to vlog in Polish that one day in Bangkok (you can watch it on my English channel).

So if you speak Polish check it out and let me know what you think! 🙂

xx Kaja

Long time no see, I know. I was going through a really busy time in my life, and my blog was simply just not a priority. I was actually even going thought a fase, where I was considering if I should even keep this blog, after all I’m not very active in here. I still love writing and I love taking pictures, but I just felt like I didn’t have enough hours in a day to go to school, go to work, make videos on my youtube channel and than write something for my blog as well. I really wish I had more time tho, if I could somehow stretch my days I would definitely post more. Long story short, I decided not to give up 😉 I have a lot of ideas for new blog post and tons of pictures I haven’t published, so this blog is not dying just yet!

These picture were taken quite a while ago in my hometown Wrocław. I was wearing one of my new favourite new finds, denim jacket with a tiger print on the back from Envii. If you’re ever in Denmark (not sure if they have stores outside of DK) and you’re into Scandinavian style definitely check out Envii’s shops, according to me, you can always find something nice there.

I’m way more active on my youtube channel, so check it out if you’re into vlogs or travle videos! I just posted a new video from a weekend trip to Greece this morning!

jacket: Envii / bag: Mulberry / pants: Zara / shoes: Adidas  

Finally, my first video after my semester abroad in Bangkok is here! I got back home from Thailand 4 months ago, but you know, better late than never 😉

To my defense, I can tell you that all my videos are pretty much 3 months delayed, which is actually not an accident. It was all part of a plan. I decided not to spend too much time on my computer and enjoy life as much as I could while I was still studying in Bangkok and then traveling around Asia, because I can tell you one thing, it was a very, very good life, so I just felt like it was important for me to be present and just simply enjoy it to the fullest, and I’m happy that I did.

Additionally, I figured that when I get back to cold Copenhagen, editing my videos from sunny Southeast Asia will be my fun activity during cold Danish evenings.

So that was all part of a master plan, but now Asia is done (for a while at least) and I’m back home making videos home in Denmark and home in Poland.

I have two days to hand in my bachelor thesis, so if I’m still alive after that, more videos will be coming very soon!

So I hope you will enjoy my vlog from my favourite Polish city, Warsaw, when there was still snow lying on the ground but it was super sunny and pretty! and I can tell you that the next vlog, that I filmed at my favourite European island and possibly favourite holiday destination in Europe, will be litter warmer 😉

I talk to you soon,


You know how some people get very upset if you were a band t-shirt when you’re actually not really a fan of this band? and you just bought it because it’s cool. That’s kind of the story of me and this t-shirt. I have no idea what American football is about, I have no idea what team it is, all I knew when I bought this t-shirt in Miami years ago was that I liked the colour. And you know what, today years later I still love the colour and I love this t-shirt, because it’s cool and it’s different 😉 It matched perfectly with my newest love (and everyone’s else love) yellow sunnies, black jeans and my beloved Birkenstocks.

I hope everyone’s week is better than mine! I’m just buried in books, and essays and theories and all these other things I wished I wouldn’t be buried in. As usual in spring I just cannot wait for exams to be over, so I can get my life back. Ahh that’s what you get when you decide to educated yourself.

sunglasses: H&M / bag: Zara / jeasn: Asos / shoes: Birkenstock

It’s finally that time of the year! Blooming trees, blue sky and first warm days make me sooo happy. Unfortunately this year (pretty much like every other year) weather in Copenhagen decided to prank us, and after a couple of nice sunny days, we’ve been dealing with winter all over again. The good thing is that I managed to get these shots before it become cold again. Life 😉 But since it’s almost end of April now, this weather cannot last for that much longer (I hope).

I was wearing my mom’s old skirt, my own old sandals that I got years ago in Shanghai, black Adidas t-shirt (because who doesn’t have an Adidas t-shirt nowadays?) and one of my favourite things that I own, this green faux fur, which I will probably be wearing all the time very soon, if the weather deiceds to get it together. Bye.

faux fur: Only / t-shirt: Adidas / skirt: No idea / sandals: H&M

 The spring has finally come to Copenhagen and life is so much nicer! Last Sunday I was actually able to go for a walk in the city with my family without wearing a jacket, yes, without any JACKET! which is not even that normal in Copenhagen at this time fo the year, so let me tell you, it was my lucky day. On top of that, I decided to go for a sunny trend that I’ve been seeing around lately, yellow sunglasses, and that also made my day much brighter. The thing about yellow sunglasses is that they make the whole world much happier when you put them on, and they look pretty cool 😉

The pink sweatshirt was an interesting case, one day I just thought to myself that I wish I had a pink sweatshirt, just pink with nothing else on it, the other day I went to a random shop “just to look not buy” and bum there was a pink sweatshirt, law of attraction? 😉

I took these pictures on top of Illum right before my pizza came (there is a great Italian restaurant on top of Illum). Illum is a shopping center in central Copenhagen, and last year they made a rooftop area, where there are restaurants and you can chill outside with a really nice view of Copenhagen, so if you ever around, I highly recommend it!

sweatshirt: Gina Tricot / jeans: Mango / sunglasses:H&M / sneakers: Adidas

I’ve recently came back from my semester abroad in Thailand, where I studied at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok for one semester. So now when I’m home the question is, was a semester abroad in Thailand a good decision? A simple answer would be, yes, it was a very, very good decision, but let me explain.

Thailand is not your typical semester- abroad- destination, it’s more of you typical backpacking- holiday- with- buckets- at- the- beach (with alco ofc) destination. In my university I never really heard anyone considering Bangkok as a potential choice for the semester abroad, I myself never really thought about Bangkok either. I’ve been to Thailand once before, I loved it, but going to Thailand to study? Wasn’t Thailand a place where you go to the beach? It changed when I stumbled into pictures of Chulalongkorn University. It looked impressive, beautiful Thai architecture surrounded by skyscrapers, and when I saw pictures of Chula students wearing uniforms, I was sold. I kind of always wanted to try wearing uniform at school, and considering the fact that the clock is ticking (and I’m soon done with school forever), I would probably not have much more opportunity in life to do that.

I choose Chula as my first priority for my semester abroad. I was excited, I couldn’t wait to get there and experience life in this huge, exotic metropolis. I was sure that I made the right decision, until someone decided to inform me that it was not a good choice. Why? because Thailand is not a good place for a semester abroad, simple as that, it’s not good enough. What I should have done, is to choose a respectable university in a respectable study place (whatever that is). And that got my thinking. Did I make a mistake?  Continue reading

img_8347-1 img_8343-2When I lived in Bangkok, I felt that I couldn’t really be too creative with what I was wearing, simply because it was always sooo freaking hot, that all I could think about was wearing as little as possible, so I wouldn’t die from overheating.

That is why, after 6 months in Thailand, when I got back home to Denmark, I was kind of excited about wearing winter clothes again. Kind of excited for 5 minutes, and than I realized how cold Copenhagen actually was, and all I could think about was how to stay warm… Life 😉

So now it’s all about winter clothes again, I put all my summer clothes in the back of my closet, and I’m trying to work with jackets and boots again (I know that end of March, for many people means spring, but here in Copenhagen it’s actually still pretty cold). I’ve been wearing this black faux four jacket religiously, since I found it in a random shopping mall in Toronot, when I was 15 (yes, I’ve been wearing this jacket pretty much every winter since I was 15). This Levi’s t-shirt might not seem like the most revoltionery piece of clothing ever, but I love it so much. It’s simple and casual, but at the same time there is something cool about it, and believe me or not, I was actually cold taking these pictures, so after all I think I prefer Bangkok’s heat 😉

faux four: Amelia / t-shirt: Levi’s / jeans: Samsøe Samsøe